Company management

Ing. Bohumila Chrappová, CEO
Ing Emerich Šinka, financial manager

Statutory body:

board of directors

Ing. Bohumila Chrappová, chairman
Ing. Roman Veis, board member
Ing. Emerich Šinka, board member
Mgr. Daniela Musilová, board member

Acting in the name of the company:

Board of directors acts in company’s name. Each member of the board acts on board’s behalf alone. 2 members of the board sign and act on company’s behalf. Signing becomes valid by adding the signatures to company’s printed or written name. Board members may empower any third party to represent and sign in company’s name.

Supervisory board:

Ing. Roman Kocúrek - chief supervisory board, Ing. Aleš Čizmár, Jozef Grivalský, Paolo Bee MBA, Jiří Procházka MBA