OHL Group

OHL is an international group of construction companies with the parent company in Spain. It exists for almost a hundred years and it has become one of the biggest international construction groups, it has subsidiaries in 20 countries on 4 continents.

Objects of the OHL Group

The main objects of OHL are construction of transportation infrastructure (roads, railways, ports and airports), water management structures (water treatment plants, desalination plants), energy structures (hydrocentres, facilities producing energy from alternative sources), residential and non-residential buildings (hospitals, office buildings, sport centres, schools), including their maintenance, reconstructions and renovations.

OHL Group benefits

  • complexity of services (feasibility studies, engineering, project documentation, construction, maintenance and operation of finished projects, financing analysis, possible share on financial resources necessary to finish the project)
  • qualified staff
  • most up to date equipment and means of operation
  • respect for the environment

OHL Business strategy

  • corporate responsibility of OHL – commitment to permanent improvements, innovation and progress, transparent informativeness, standardisation of communication with target group
  • economical management – productivity increase, investment growth, territorial expansion with the support of local business sector and creating jobs
  • international agreement ASEPAM – propagation of the principles of human and work rights,  environment protection and fight against corruption
  • responsibility towards our own employees – creating safe and stable working conditions and jobs, supporting professional and personal growth along with diverse and equal job opportunities
  • social responsibility – The OHL group contributes to the increase of life conditions in the countries where it operates. It also sticks to its very significant commitment – supporting visual and scenic arts and culture as a whole!
  • ecological responsibility – it is invariable value in all activities of the OHL group. The group conducts all of its activities in compliance with the system of environmental protection and since the year 2007 it has strengthened its commitment to fight climate changes by creating a strategy of short-, middle- and long-term measures
  • quality and excellence – it enables the OHL Group to keep high levels of internal difficulty which satisfies customers thanks to meeting all legal and agreement requests to such extent, that it exceeds their expectations
  • innovations and technical development – the fundamental precondition in order to reach higher economic effectiveness which improves competitiveness
  • involving contractors and subcontractors in the OHL Group strategy